Vanessa has worn many different hats in her life: primary school teacher, life coach, choc top ice cream factory owner (a bit like Willy Wonka), mother of three children, and owner of various pets (including a wombat). These rich and varied life experiences provide the inspiration Vanessa loves to turn into children’s picture story books that both entertain and encourage conversation.
She is proud to share her collection of books with the world to enjoy.

Mighty Marvin Mouse is a thought provoking, entertaining book written to assist young children to understand the importance of curiosity and the power of asking better questions. It highlights the importance of persistence and trusting we all have, within us, the wisdom we need to achieve success. A must read for every parent who wants their child to reach their full potential.
Join Mighty Marvin Mouse on his adventure, today!

The Rainbow Connection is an entertaining and heart-warming story about the creative ways we found to connect and spread joy when we all had to stay apart. Dedicated to everyone who added some colour to the word in 2020, it’s a book every child who experienced a lengthy lock down will enjoy reading and comparing to their own experience.

The Rainbow Connection children’s book proudly supports the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation to restore sight to people who are needlessly blind in 25 countries around the world. $1 from every book sold will be donated to support this work, to continue to spread the message of hope this book is founded on.


"The Rainbow Connection is a truly beautiful reflection on a year that was and, for many across the world, still is. As a young narrator and her family navigate life in lockdown, they find creative ways to embrace connectivity and celebrate the little joys. You know this family. We are all this family! Beautiful illustrations support the text and the rainbow cake recipe at the back is a total bonus!"

Rebecca Fraser

Founder, StoryCraft Writing Workshops, and award-nominated Author

"The world needs Mighty Marvin Mouse!  Vanessa is a talented teacher, intuitive coach and spectacular mother.  This beautiful story she has written brings to life the skills that we know our precious children need to navigate and succeed in the complex world we live in."

Lisa Stephenson

Global Speaker, Success Coach, Author and Founder of Who Am I Projects

"Mighty Marvin Mouse is a beautifully illustrated story that provides powerful messages to enable children to start to appreciate how wonderful questions are. Not only does it teach them to use questions that facilitate them being more resourceful, confident and resilient, it provides them with a life skill that enables them to help make the world be a better place. When better questions are used, instead of habitual fixing and telling, the potential in everyone is released and people get to shine and be amazing! WELL DONE Vanessa, thank you for this fabulous book - these skills need to be taught to every child."

Lindsay Tighe

Founder, Author and Trainer of Better Questions